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ALTER TECHNOLOGY UK have attained a certification as a registered company on the JOSCAR supplier register as a trusted…

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Mar 2021

From Madrid to Space

WIA-Europe is a non-profit association that promotes the visibility and leadership of women in the aerospace sector. It…

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Feb 2021

Missions to Mars

Three international missions will arrive at Mars shortly, and all of them have technologies tested at ALTER TECHNOLOGY.

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Fighting Coronavirus

Alter Technology join fighting against COVID-19

We provide industry and other organizations with testing and validation…

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15th International School on the Effects of Radiation on Embedded Systems for Space Applications

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Proyecto GRACE

Encapsulado para uso a 500ºC diseñado con éxito.

En el marco del proyecto GRACE, Alter Technology está trabajado en el…

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Nov 2019

Project VIZTA

The overall objective of VIZTA is to develop innovative technologies for optical sensors and laser sources, for short to…

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The RADECS Conference is the annual European scientific and industrial forum on the effects of radiation on electronic…

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GRACE: Graphene‐enhanced RAdiation detector on Silicon Carbide for harsh Environments

En este proyecto, se propone el…

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On the Drones' Side

We guarantee the product safety from the conceptual design of the system, throughout its lifecycle with a suitable…

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EU Project QAMeleon to develop the next generation of photonics and electronics technology that will enable 128 Gbaud…

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ALTER TECHNOLOGY participa en el proyecto GATEWAY, cofinanciado por el Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior (ICEX), a…

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