Parts Procurement

Solar Orbiter

ALTER TECHNOLOGY will be the single co-ordinated parts procurement agent for the satellite’s payload. It will be the responsible of the engineering, testing, quality assurance and procurement activities of the EEE components for the construction of the satellite by the payload equipment manufacturers.

The tasks of ALTER TECHNOLOGY will start the selection of the EEE parts and manufacturers in accordance with the technical requirements of the mission. To guarantee this objective, parts will need to undergo a wide range of tests which include those performed at the manufacturer site, to component failure analysis, through incoming inspections, destructive physical analysis or radiation tests. ALTER TECHNOLOGY will ensure that the delivered components are fit for use in terms of functionality, reliability, quality and radiation assurance. Additionally, ALTER TECHNOLOGY will monitor the provision of all parts needed by the customers on time for their equipment production, and implement all measures necessary, harmonize, standardize and consolidate the parts need to minimize the technical risk and maximize the economical benefits, allow ESA full visibility and control of the EEE parts procurement process, allow full insight into problems affecting the programme and ensure stringent compliance to export regulations among other relevant tasks.