Madrid, 11-13th November 2020

ALTER TECHNOLOGY, offers in cooperation with the TÜViT the TSI.PROFESSIONAL training in Madrid on November 2020!


About the TSI.PROFESSIONAL Training

The two (and a half day) TSI.PROFESSIONAL training teaches all necessary information regarding the evaluation and certification of data center’s physical security and availability according to Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) in context of the EN 50600.

Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) is a proven method for the assessment and certification of the physical security and availability of data centers established in 2002.

The training program is directed at data center designers, data center advisors, general contractors as well as architects dealing with the design and construction of high available data centers.

However, this training can also be used by operators and users of mission critical infrastructures as an educational measure or for comprehending design concepts of third parties.

Additionally TÜViT offers an optional exam and if certain conditions are met, TÜViT will award a TSI.PROFESSIONAL status with the successful completion of the exam, which will be valid for two years.

The training will be conducted in English.

About the TSI.STANDARD and the EN 50600

The TSI.STANDARD and the EN 50600 have an evaluation scheme in which four levels of protection requirements/availability of the installation are identified, from Level 1, the lowest, to Level 4 the highest possible. For each level, requirements corresponding to the following areas are considered:

  • ENV: Environment
  • CON: Construction
  • FIR: Fire Protection, Alarm & Extinguishing Systems
  • SEC: Security System & Organization
  • CAB: Cabling
  • POW: Power Supply
  • ACV: Air Conditioning & Ventilation
  • ORG: Organization
  • DOC: Documentation
  • DDC: Dual Site Data Center


Ms. Amor Domínguez

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