CNES SME label for space products and services.

Alter France receives a SME label from CNES for EEE activities on components.

CNES offers key SME space suppliers an accreditation scheme for a broad range of products and services encompassing launchers, orbital systems, ground segments, satellites, balloons and spaceplanes. Accredited products or services must have proven their effectiveness and have business development potential.

The CNES-SME label scheme initiated at the start of this year is overseen by an inter-directorate accreditation committee led by the agency’s Procurement, Sales & Legal Affairs Directorate (DAJ), and by the cognizant technical departments within its other directorates. Activities submitted for accreditation are evaluated according to a range of criteria, chiefly their excellence in developing a type of product or their expertise related to a specific service.

The 4 labels for EEE activities on components for Alter France are:

  • Engineering and testing of radiation effects on EEE components, modules, and electronic boards.
  • Qualification tests of power electronic components or modules, especially based on large gap technology (GaN & SiC)
  • Procurement of EEE components for space projects
  • Technological analysis of EEE components