Smoke Room

Testing of darkening devices

Alter Technology has developed a facility called the Smoke Room, designed as an automated test chamber for testing two types of intrusion and hold-up alarm system components: the Security Fog Device (SFD) and the Pyrotechnic Obscuration Device (POD). The purpose of both types of devices is to reduce visibility in a protected area to form a barrier between the offender and his target. The difference between them lies in the generation and means of obscuration: an SFD uses fog to reduce that visibility, while a POD makes use of a pyrotechnic system to produce smoke by combustion, neither means of obscuration is toxic.

The Smoke Room meets all the requirements necessary to carry out performance testing of these devices according to EN 50131-8 and EN 50131-13. Furthermore, testing an SFD or a POD in the Smoke Room allows us to know the volume of the room that can be filled with fog or smoke, as it is a test chamber that can be configured for different test volumes: 50 m3, 70 m3, 80 m3, 100 m3 and 150 m3, which allows us to adapt the test conditions to the number of devices/samples.