Support to the Science Payload Instrument Teams for Future Science Missions in the Study Phase

Consultancy for Coordinated Component Selection and for Test Plan, and Procurement for Test Components


ALTER TECHNOLOGY and the European Space Agency signed a new contract for the “Consultancy for Coordinated Component Selection, Test Plan, and Procurement for Test Components”. The agreement will last for the next two years up to June 2022.

In the frame of all missions, the Coordinated Parts Procurement Agency (CPPA) starts in the project phase B2 when the project enters in the Implementation Phase. At that stage Mission Payload Members have been working in their designs for close to 2 years.

From now, we will support the designers in the selection of suitable EEE components in initial phases to avoid difficulties during implementation phases. The work will be early risk mitigation for component cost, schedule and performance issues.

A dedicated e-tool named MyCPSA (Coordinated Consultancy for Parts Selection Activities) will be used in the project.