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Balanced-to-Balanced Microstrip Diplexer Based on Magnetically Coupled Resonators


Two balanced-to-balanced planar diplexers based on magnetically coupled microstrip resonators are proposed in this paper. For the first prototype, each channel/differential-output is composed of a second order single-band balanced bandpass filter based on open-loop resonators. For the second diplexer example, the filters composing the differential outputs are fourth order and are implemented by means of folded stepped-impedance resonators. The design procedure for the differential response is quite straightforward, since it is based on the use of the well-known external quality factor and coupling coefficients concepts. Common-mode is inherently rejected thanks to the benefits of magnetic coupling, which precludes common-mode transmission over a wide frequency range. The proposed structure also offers a high level of channel-to-channel isolation. To demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed idea, the two prototypes are simulated, fabricated and measured. Good differential-mode and common-mode performance is observed in both examples. Simulations and measurements show good agreement.


IEEE Access (Volume: PP, Issue: 99)

DOI: 1109/ACCESS.2018.2820073

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