New line of services related to drones


The new regulatory framework proposed by EASA, which will be put into place this year, determines that the functional and operational reliability of drone systems must be guaranteed through compliance with specific product requirements, such as CE Marking and operational subcategory labelling.

Our product safety services have been carefully developed in order to provide the customers with tailored support and follow-up throughout the entire conformity process, starting with the preparation of an integral test plan based on the standards recommended by European authorities such as the EMC and RED Directives, among others.

Likewise, is also important to take into account the new regulatory directives that have the clear objective of improving operational quality and efficiency at the same time as reducing associated risks. To this end, ATN is presenting a new line of operational safety services, among which we would like to highlight the documentary development support we offer, including the drafting of all kinds of technical dossiers related to the AESA requirements, as well as the procedures proposed by EASA concerning appropriate risk assessment.

The national and European regulatory requirements are of great importance for optimal flight management from the very first stages: planning, preparation, and verification of the different functionalities of the system. In this regard, it is also worth exploring our functional safety services for the integral evaluation of RPAS/drone capabilities.  

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