Reputed lawyer

By the implementation of an Ombudsman, the TÜV NORD GROUP has established a protected area for employees, customers and business partners. Intended is the fight against corruption. Corruption is not a peccadillo. It harms the company as well as all employees. Therefore, enlightenment is important – the ombudsman system is supporting this.

A reputed lawyer is available as neutral Ombudsman (Swedish for mediator). The Ombudsman is contact person for all employees of the TÜV NORD GROUP as well as for external customers, business partners, suppliers or others. He takes notes regarding possible infringements of laws or policies, e. g. regarding corruption, that are related to the TÜV NORD GROUP and / or employees of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

Additional possibility

All information will be handled confidentially and the whistleblower will be kept anonymous. The ombudsman is subject to pledge of secrecy for lawyers.

By the implementation of an ombudsman, an additional possibility to report infringements of the compliance of TÜV NORD GROUP has been offered. Of course, the possibility for all employees to directly address to and inform other contacts, such as

  • compliance officer
  • central contact compliance (CCC)
  • direct superiors or management
  • central unit internal auditing
  • HR or legal department
  • work council or confidants will be retained. 
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