2 abstracts with Alter Technology France and 2 from Spain have been accepted for RADECS 2022.

2022 edition of the European Conference on Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems

Venice, Italy

3-7 October 2022


Two abstracts and two posters from Alter Technology France and two papers from Alter Technology Spain have been accepted for RADECS 2022. 

Below a summary of our abstracts:

Heavy ion and Proton induced SEU in very deep sub-micron technologies

B. Tanios1, G. Duran Cardenas1, S. Ludeke2, A. Javanainen2, C. Poivey3 

 1 Alter Technology TÜV Nord France, France, 2 University of Jyväskylä, Finland, 3 ESA, Netherlands

This paper presents the results of the three deep submicron devices tested with heavy ions, low and high energy protons, in the frame of an ESA study about Single Event Effect induced by Low Energy Protons.

Compendium of SEE and TID Test Results for DDR4 SDRAM memories

A. Dufour1, J. Carron1, D. Dangla1, F. Malou1, J. Mekki1, B. Tanios2, G. Duran Cardenas3, F. Guerre3, B. Crouzat3, A. Ait-ali-said4 

 1 CNES, France, 2 Alter Technology TÜV Nord France,  3 Alter Technology France,  4 TRAD, France

This paper reports the results and analysis of single event effects (SEE) tests and total ionizing dose (TID) on DDR4- SDRAM memories. The compendium covers five DDR4-SDRAM references from different manufacturers tested in the frame of CNES studies.

Two additional abstracts have been selected for RADECS based on our results as the SEE test campaigns have been performed by Alter Technology France 

TID&SEE characterization for a Dual channel Ka-band capable 12 GSps DAC

 O. Bonnet1, S. Breysse1, S. Pele1 

 1 Teledyne E2V, France

The EV12DD700 is a Ka-band capable 12-bit Digital-to-Analog converter, 12 GSps, synthetizing signals over 25GHz without up conversion. A TID test and a SEE have been performed to validate its suitability for severe space environment.

SEE & TID characterization for a 4GB Radiation Tolerant DDR4 memory MCP 

M. Ball1, T. Porchez1, M. Rivadeneira1, O. Bonnet1, T. Guillemain1 

 1 Teledyne e2v, France

This paper reports that this DDR4 product passed the TID test (100krad) and was submitted to several Heavy Ions and Protons test campaigns. No SEL has been detected, and the SEU and logic errors have been fully characterized (60 MeV.cm²/mg).

Alter Spain also will present  two papers:

Interlaboratory Comparison in Dosimetry between four ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited European Irradiation Facilities: ESA-ESTEC, RadLab (CNA-ALTER), Seibersdorf Laboratories, and TRAD
Pedro Martın-Holgado, Chirstoph Tscherne, Yannick Padie, Yolanda Morilla, Michele Muschitiello, Peter Beck, Gonzalo Fernandez Romero, Alessandra Costantino

Interlaboratory comparisons are strongly recommended for accredited entities IEC/ISO 17025. Four accredited European laboratories have successfully compared their dosimetry measurements with respect to calibration standards, validating the dosimetry procedures and practices used by the participants.


Predictive study on a bipolar operational amplifier behaviour under gamma and protons radiation
A. Romero Maestre1, P. Martin Holgado1, Y. Morilla1, R. Garcia2, M. Sacristan Barbero3, J. De Martin Hernandez4, J. Ramirez Garcia4, J. Gonzalez lujan4, A. Ricca Soaje4, M. Dominguez4, F. Morilla5
1 Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA), Spain, 4 CERN, Switzerland, 5 CIEMAT - CERN, Switzerland, 6 Alter Technology, Spain, 7 UNED, Spain


You can join us in Venice from October 3rd to 7th, where we will present these abstracts and their associated posters.

See you in Venice !