doEEEt, the parts search engine

The primary goal of is to provide the space community with a single place where all the needed information is contained.

We have developed an information platform Big Data based and with the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies that helps the Space Industry users in all the tasks related to EEE parts.

In one single place, offers:

  • Search in the EEE parts Database with more than 20 million references.
  • Access to technical information.
  • Access to procurement information: prices, lead times…
  • Get quotations from all different manufacturers.
  • Qualification activities applicable.
  • Access to specifications, test reports, radiation information.
  • Access to available stocks.
  • DCL manager to manage your procurements.
  • Comparison of scenarios: Qualified vs. Automotive vs. COTS.

Compare all different scenarios and technical information within the platform in order to help you choosing the proper components and strategy for your Space Application.