ALTER TECHNOLOGY is becoming a fundamental actor in the field of Hi-Rel Semiconductors (HRS).

During the last few years, the high-reliability industry has been facing a structural change, with manufacturers, intermediate companies and final customers getting closer in their development and production phases.
ALTER TECHNOLOGY, a reference in the world of the EEE components, is expanding its focus to the global community and in many different sectors. With dedicated teams and activities in testing and evaluating microelectronics, radiofrequenc and microwaves, and the photonics parts, the technological coverage of the services offered by the division has expanded well beyond the boundaries of the EEE reference.
The rename of the division to Hi-Rel Semiconductors (HRS) shows the willingness and commitment of ALTER TECHNOLOGY to become a fundamental actor in this field and to expand our services to the entire industrial community with high-level services, exceptional customer care and edge technologies developments.