School on the Effects of Radiation on Embedded Systems for Space Applications

Last week took place the SERESSA 2019 in Seville in CNA (Centro Nacional de Aceleradores). ALTER TECHNOLOGY contributed to the event in collaboration with CNA and the University of Seville and participated in two lectures. ALTER TECHNOLOGY also supported the event with three student scholarships.

SERESSA combines academic, government, and industrial communities working in the area of radiation effects on embedded systems. Radiation effects are a significant concern for space and avionics systems, as well as for critical applications operating at ground level such as automotive, high energy facilities, medical or even banking. The school is based on lectures, exercises, and practical courses involving real case studies using the common tools of the domain. The intended audience includes both beginning and experienced researchers, engineers, and post-graduate students wishing to enhance their knowledge base in this rapidly evolving field. Topics. The SERESSA started in 2005 in Brazil and in 2006.

The event had 24 lectures with an overall attendees 72. It included visits to RADLAB – CNA and to ALTER TECHNOLOGY.