First talk with Pierre Lionnet, Research Director at ASD-Eurospace.

A talk with Pierre Lionnet, Research Director at ASD-Eurospace.

SPACE TALKS are podcasts of conversations with key stakeholders in the space industry and technology about the market situation, the technology evolution and many more. You will find lots of interesting insights into space.

In this first podcast, Mr Lionnet offers us a view of the market and the industry, going in-depth with a clear and concise way in his words.

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These are the highlights of the conversation.

- The response of the EU and ESA institutions to the crisis has been extremely positive.

- Impacts on the industry are not homogeneous in all EU countries.

- The sector reports delays in the supply chain and increased costs and profitability.

- The impact by year end can affect up to 25% of turnover.

- The space sector can see its turnover reduced by up to 2B €.

- The crisis in the aviation sector may also decisively affect the space industry.

- ESA and EU budgets for space may be reduced in the long term.

- Due to the impact of the COVID 19 crisis on other vital elements (transport, oil & gas, natural resources) the situation of the sector may be affected not only this year but also in at least the next two years.

- The New Space sector will be affected by the lack of funding.