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ALTER TECHNOLOGY is a quality driven company providing procurement, engineering and test services for electronic components and systems, within the space and harsh environment markets.

We work in many markets including, but not limited to, Aerospace, Security, Transport, Emergency Services, Health & Safety and Automotive.



Solderless measurement for microwave

The laboratory was significantly expanded and brought up to date with the latests technical standards.
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Silicon Carbide Diodes

These diodes were specifically designed for protection of solar cells arrays in solar panels mounted in satellites.
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QAMeleon program

QAMeleon aims to deliver a new generation of faster, cheaper, and greener photonic devices spanning from beyond state-of-the-art transponders to novel reconfigurable add drop multiplexers.
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Laser Technology for Quantum applications

Optocap and Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics are currently working on a number of Innovate UK funded projects.
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At the forefront of the RPAS sector

Last Friday, 15 December 2017, marked a new milestone in the evolution of the RPAS sector.
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Technical Secretariat

for the Notified Bodies group
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ASIC for ExoMars Mission

Encapsulation, screening and qualification for the control ASIC
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Silicon Carbide Power Diodes

Wide operation temperature range, from -170ºC up to 300ºC
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Quantum Entangled Source

OPTOCAP participates in QUEST project
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Thermal-Vacuum Testing

New space simulator chamber to test the EEE components at vacuum and extreme temperatures.
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New Vibration System

The mechanical testing laboratory is now fully operational with a new vibration system.
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New Chair at the University of Seville

ALTER TECHNOLOGY and the University of Seville create a University Chair devoted to Electronic Components
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Dirk Stenkamp succeeds Guido Rettig as Chairman of the Board of Management of the TÜV NORD GROUP

Stenkamp (54) will take on the post of Chairman of the Board of Management of the TÜV NORD GROUP at the turn of this year.
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Rosetta, Mission Complete

ESA’s Rosetta mission has concluded as planned, with the controlled impact onto the comet 67P.
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MPCV Project entering the second Round

ALTER TECHNOLOGY has begun activities for the procurement of the second European Service Module (ESM) for the NASA...
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EEE Parts Procurement, Reporting, Inspection and Test Services

As a result of the acquisition of Optocap by ALTER TECHNOLOGY, Optocap can offer UK based EEE parts procurement, reporting, inspection and test services
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