ALTER is a leading engineering company which provides reliable and agile solutions to many of the world’s most innovative technologies, such as semiconductors, electronic equipment and geospatial intelligence.

Our company is present in space, aeronautics, drones, automotive, medical, defence, and nuclear among many others. 


Now the former Aerospace and IT business units form the new Digital & Semiconductor business unit. 

Semiconductor technologies are an important key factor and the basis of most of the existing technologies that characterize our modern and networked world. The security and reliability of sensitive data, electronic components and systems are also essential.

The new Digital & Semiconductor business unit brings together ALTER and TÜVIT's expertise in semiconductors, IT security and communication technologies. Knowledge of artificial intelligence, quantum and nanotechnologies and new space will also be pooled here.




ALTER  is a leading Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) services company, which works for worldwide customers.

We develop and offer complete turn-key solutions covering all the backend engineering tests such as wafer probing, microelectronic and opto-electronic assembly and packaging, parts qualification & reliability testing and technology analysis.

ALTER has an extensive experience working with unusual materials, flows and requirements for space, aeronautic, automotive, semiconductor and other high-complexity sectors.







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