Failure is not an option: ALTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP


ALTER TECHNOLOGY is a quality driven company providing procurement, engineering and test services for electronic components and systems, within the space and harsh environment markets, where failure is not an option.

We work in many markets including, but not limited to, Aerospace, Security, Transport, Emergency Services, Health & Safety and Automotive.


Rosetta, Mission Complete

ESA’s Rosetta mission has concluded as planned, with the controlled impact onto the comet 67P.
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MPCV Project entering the second Round

ALTER TECHNOLOGY has begun activities for the procurement of the second European Service Module (ESM) for the NASA...
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EEE Parts Procurement, Reporting, Inspection and Test Services

As a result of the acquisition of Optocap by ALTER TECHNOLOGY, Optocap can offer UK based EEE parts procurement, reporting, inspection and test services
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