ALTER TECHNOLOGY has won a GSA tender in the framework of the programme: EGNOS adoption for aviation.

ALTER TECHNOLOGY is the Consortium leader, the other members are: UNIFLY (Belgium), PILDO LABS and FADA-CATEC from Spain.

The project will last two years, and it will be full of challenges and new opportunities.

TRACE intends to promote and foster the use of EGNOS in the drone sector by developing a smart beacon that will increase the safety levels of VLL (Very Low Level) operations, supporting the development of this new aviation sector. This will be achieved by facilitating the integration of drones into the initial layers of U-space services, and therefore, enabling registration, identification, geofencing and real-time tracking of the drone and increasing the situational awareness of General Aviation pilots of drone operations around their positions.

The project will also validate this device and demonstrate its benefits throughout two of the commercial-based scenarios with major exploitation forecasts:

Scenario 1 – Agriculture or environmental monitoring;

Scenario 2 – Linear infrastructure inspection.

A great project, with a great consortium! U-space is the most important concept related to the future integration of drones into the common airspace, and projects like TRACE will play an important role in the remote identification of unmanned aircraft.

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