Virtual Lab

Our Lab is also yours, our lab and knowledge at your fingertips.

Virtual Lab is focused on the last step of the production chain for space market according to the Industry 4.0 concept.

Thanks to the Virtual Lab online platform the customer can design its own test solution specifically adapted to the actual needs and requirement and monitor the result in real time, without the need to wait for the completion of all the activities.

Therefore, the final user can adapt the test conditions to the early results the platform is providing and receive feedback from our test engineer during the execution of any activity. In many cases, although the duration of the test cannot be reduced, the detailed records of parts behaviour can be accessed and analysed in real time.

Thus, manufacturers and users gain valuable time to develop contingency plans and solutions to address detected anomalies.

The Virtual Lab platform is Alter Technology's response to Space 4.0 requirements, and hopefully, a new framework to make European space companies more competitive.

Virtual Lab has been awarded with the TÜV NORD GROUP Innovation Award as the most creative, collaborartive and impactful innovation project.