Diversity and Inclusion

At TÜV NORD GROUP, and therefore at ALTER TECHNOLOGY, we foster diversity and inclusion as an integral part of our company's culture and values. Specifically:

  • We promote an open corporate culture and create a climate that fosters equal treatment and opportunities for women and men, with no discrimination based on sex or sexual identity, as well as ensuring the equality and inclusion of all company employees.
  • We believe internationalisation enriches the company, and we use social, ethnic, generational and cultural diversity as an important source of creativity and innovation.
  • We encourage the contribution of individual capabilities to the company’s culture, creating mixed teams with different experience, qualifications, points of view and talent.
  • We promote the employment of people with disabilities, and offer them a suitable framework within which to develop their full potential.


ALTER TECHNOLOGY is committed to establishing and develop policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, without directly or indirectly discriminating on the basis of sex or sexual identity.

We also commit to promoting and fostering measures to achieve real equality within our organisation, establishing equal opportunities between women and men as a strategic principle of our Corporate Policy and Human Resources Policy, in accordance with the definition of this principle laid down in Organic Law 3/2007, of 22 March, for effective equality between women and men.

We adopt the principle of equal opportunities between women and men in every single area of our company’s activity, including recruitment, promotion, salary policy, training, working and employment conditions, occupational health, the organization of working time and work-life balance.

We also pay special attention to indirect discrimination, understood to be “a situation in which an apparently neutral regulation, criterion or practice actually puts a person of one sex at a particular disadvantage compared to people of the other sex.”

With regard to internal and external communication, all decisions adopted in this regard will be reported and an image of the company will be projected in accordance with this principle of equal opportunities between women and men.

The aforementioned principles will be put into practice through the implementation of an Equality Plan, which will represent real improvements over the current situation. Appropriate monitoring systems will also be set up with the aim of making progress in achieving real equality between women and men in the company and, by extension, in society as a whole.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Works Council will be involved not only in the collective negotiation process (as laid down in Organic Law 3/2007 for effective equality between women and men), but also in the entire development and evaluation process of the aforementioned Equality Plan, both directly and through the Equality Committee.

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