ALTER Partners with ColdQuanta and Fraunhofer UK on Quantum Technology Initiative

TALENT Project to Develop Optical Tapered Amplifiers for Quantum Sensors & Clocks

Alter Technology TUV NORD UK Ltd, a leading provider of micro and optoelectronics services, is leading an Innovate UK-funded project alongside partners, ColdQuanta, the global quantum ecosystem leader, and Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd, a not-for-profit Research and Technology Organisation whose mission is to provide professional R&D services to benefit the UK economy, to develop packaging solutions for Tapered AmpLifiErs for quaNtum Technologies (TALENT). 

Quantum sensors and clocks for next-generation. Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) systems require high power lasers for their operation. Typically, quantum systems use low power semiconductor laser diodes that have limited output powers – optical tapered amplifiers allow laser light to be amplified from mW levels to Watts without affecting the critical spectral and frequency properties.

TALENT will produce optical tapered amplifiers with performance, reliability, SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) and ease of integration that are not commercially available today. High reliability packaging and manufacturing techniques will be implemented to ensure stable operation over a range of environmental conditions - perfectly suited for real-world deployable quantum systems.

ColdQuanta, a key player in quantum systems, will test the developed optical amplifier with their cold-atom hardware, providing valuable end-user benchmarking and ensuring the TALENT amplifiers are ready for commercial uptake after the project.

“ColdQuanta has proven expertise in bringing quantum technologies out of the lab and into the hands of forward-thinking organizations and government entities,” said Dr Ryan Hanley, Senior Physicist at ColdQuanta. “Quantum sensors and clocks will be some of the first real world applications of quantum technology, and we’re proud to partner with other innovators in the UK to drive the commercialization of quantum technologies.”

Rob Roach, Business Development Manager at Alter said, “This project addresses a fundamental issue blocking the commericalisation of quantum technology and will push forward the UK in quantum technology.”

Christopher Carson, Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer CAP comments “this project allows us to continue our successful collaboration with Alter and ColdQuanta. TALENT will address a barrier to commercialisation by developing low SWaP and reliable tapered amplifiers for next-generation quantum PNT systems.”