Cost benefit analysis

The Consortium VVA Brussels and Alter Technology win a project for the 5G Automotive Association, Germany

The primary objective of the project is to gather evidence on costs and benefits related to the creation of an industry-led conformity assessment (CA) scheme for the PC5/Sidelink interface.

Our Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) consists of 4 main steps unfolding 7 activities further detailed in the upcoming slides.

The main steps are:

  • Definition of CBA Framework;
  • Data collection and baseline creation;
  • Quantification of costs and benefits;
  • Validation and conclusions.

The CBA will be used as analytical tool to approach the PC5 CA problematic and generate commitment from the automotive industry.


The Consortium has extensive  track record of automotive and telecommunications projects to complete this study successfully, on time and to the full satisfaction of 5GAA.  Based on our expert credentials and experience, we believe that our consortium is well-placed to deliver high quality services to 5GAA.