Code of Conduct

Our Individual Conduct

The TÜV NORD GROUP regards itself as a global network in which we implement our Guiding Principles through our professional approach, whilst acting with fairness and mutual respect.

We at TÜV NORD GROUP practice equal treatment towards employees and partners in an environment that is free from discrimination and racism. Any form of harassment and/or disadvantaging based on gender, ethnic background, age, nationality, disability, religion or sexual orientation is not compatible with our Guiding Principles and is not tolerated .

Our conduct at the place of work and during business-related events is guided by our corporate values, in particular integrity. We recognise the right to freedom of expression as well as to involvement in political and trade-union activities, and accept the right of our em- ployees to engage in charitable activities as private persons. At the same time, we pay attention to ensuring that corporate interests are safeguarded during activi- ties away from the place of work.

The companies of TÜV NORD GROUP are committed to sustainable, efficient treatment of resources. All employees undertake to act responsibly at all times, whilst showing consideration for the economic, ecological and social effects of their own actions.

Any participation by TÜV NORD GROUP in political activities is exclusively in accordance with our Guiding Principles and our Code of Conduct. Due to the complex legal and interests position, the companies of TÜV NORD GROUP do not engage in political activities without the prior written approval of the Board of Management of TÜV NORD AG.

Donations to political organisations or candidates using financial resources of the TÜV NORD GROUP companies are not permitted in any form.

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