From Madrid to Space

WIA-Europe is a non-profit association that promotes the visibility and leadership of women in the aerospace sector. It also aims to promote this sector in society and to show how exciting it is to the new generations so that they are encouraged to become part of it.

Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) local group born in Madrid

WIA-E promotes a wide variety of initiatives to serve these objectives and several of them facilitate networking between members who are spread across many European countries and organisations.

WIA-Europe has 16 local groups in European cities where there is a considerable presence of space activities and industry. The local groups enable members of the association to participate in face-to-face (and nowadays on-line) networking activities, trainings, conferences...

The Madrid local group is starting up thanks to the enthusiasm and energy of almost 50 participants, both women and men, belonging to various companies and institutions of the space sector with a presence in our region: Airbus, Alter Technology, CDTI, Crisa, ESA, GMV, Iberespacio, Ineco, Isdefe, Lidax, Sener and Thales Alenia Space.

The diversity of experiences, ages and professional profiles allows us to bring together different visions and points of view to face the challenges of the space sector and to propose initiatives that interest a large number of people. 

The activities to be developed include the promotion of STEM careers and education, with an emphasis on fields directly related to the aerospace sector, such as climate change, drones for rescue, search and rescue by means of satellites, assistance to disabled people, etc.

In order to carry out these activities, educational days, conferences, round tables, dissemination in schools and universities, participation in job fairs will be organised. Interviews will also be held to promote female role models in the aerospace sector.

WIA-Europe also has 25 corporate members and partner organisations. The corporate members build the financial backbone of the association and are a key stabilising factor in implementing this project. Several companies have supported the creation of the local group in Madrid, Airbus, Alter Technology, GMV, Thales Alenia Space and organisations such as INTA, Isdefe and TEDAE.

The official inauguration of WIA-E activities in Madrid will take place on 15 April with an on-line event.


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