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The sector of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, constitutes a market that has seen continuous growth in recent years, basically because of its potential for the development of applications in different sectors such as photogrammetry, inspection of roads or structures, support to agricultural activity, and even goods transport.



Our services are oriented to the compliance and assurance of safety standards. 

A functional safety management plan must be conducted to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of identified standards, including a functional safety assessment. To complement this service, functional testing is another important issue to cover, in order to verify the optimal performance of any drone system. Take-off and landing, flight modes, and autonomy are some of the most relevant functionalities to test before performing a flight.

Operational safety services, a safety flight starts with the preparation of a technical dossier with the required documentation for flight permission, according the applicable national regulations. In addition, a risk assessment methodology is necessary to analyse the operational environment. In this regard, ATN has developed an innovative solution based on SORA methodology as is recommended in different European proposals.

An integral product conformity assessment for the drone system is recommended. A test plan for a RPAS system or subsystem is complemented with a laboratory test performance in order to achieve a declaration of conformity for the product and the respective CE mark.



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