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Providing contract package design and assembly service

OPTOCAP’s turn-key packaging services enable our customers to reduce development and manufacturing costs, accelerate time to market and reduce risk with new product developments.

Our expertise in packaging solutions spans the full product life-cycle: from design through prototyping, process optimisation, product qualification, failure analysis, volume manufacturing and transfer to low-cost volume manufacture. This provides customers adopting an outsourced manufacturing model with a much simplified and efficient supply chain.

Optocap offers a full range of contract precision assembly processes for semiconductor devices. Optocap's assembly process know-how enables reduced costs and reduced time to market for our customers.

Assembly Services: 


Understanding the required environmental operating conditions, thermal, optical, mechanical and electrical requirements are the key to any successful package design activity.

Optocap's design expertise: 

Failure Analysis

Once a product has been design and prototype devices manufactured customers will typically want to ensure that the design, materials and assembly processes are fit for purpose. This will typically involve putting the parts through some level of environmental and functional testing. After this stage it is important that any failure modes are identified and understood and feedback quickly to the design and process stages.

Optocap offers Microfocus Xray service to enable an understanding of design and process improvements.

Environmental Testing

  • Qualification to MIL-STD, Telcordia, JEDEC, IPC standards
  • Temp/ humidity testing +10 to +90C; 10-98%RH; 0.7C/min;
  • Temperature cycle,(-70degC to 180degC, 1degC/min ramp)
  • High and Low temperature storage
  • Shock and Vibration capability through partner companies
  • Thermal shock capability though partner companies