More and more, the automotive sector is facing new challenges and needs (autonomous mobility, safety functions, new services,….). To cope with these challenges, new applications and electronics equipment must be employed which requires the use of complex systems, new technologies and state of the art electronics, but at the same time those equipment must comply with the applicable country regulations and meet the standards, providing the expected reliability figures.

Services at electronic component level

The electronic components are key elements to guarantee the reliability of the final system. The regulations, the new available technologies, the medium- long term needs, the specificities of each application, etc., make need to have a partner who could support in:

• Components selection

• Suppliers assessment and audits

• Component evaluation and trade off analysis

• Components testing under different standards: AEC Q100, AEC Q101, AEC Q200, ISO 16750, LV 124,…

• Failure analysis. When a failure occur at manufacturing process, test or field.

• Counterfeit detection

All the necessary technical means are available in-house to carry out deep device analysis: Electrical characterizations (covering AC, DC, RF and optical testing testing), electrical test in temperature, physical analysis (SEM - Scanning electronic microscopy, X-Ray inspection, Acoustic microscopy, XRF, metallurgical analysis), environmental & mechanical test (temperature cycling, HAST, moisture test, sinus and random vibration, mechanical shock), reliability and endurance testing, and much more.

Services at equipment - system level

Test at equipment and system level:

• Electromagnetic Compatibility: radiated emission, immunity, flicker, conducted emissions,..

• Radio: WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, GNSS,…

• Environmental: climatic, Mechanical, dust, rain,..

• Functional safety, ISO 26262,

• Safety and Security: cybersecurity,…

These testing services are complemented with a wide range of engineering activities and support to the customers in areas like: CE marking, certification services, quality & engineering on complex systems, industrialization, etc.

Electronic product / development

From product and package design, to the assembly and test services including optoelectronics, microelectronics and MEMS packaging, performing:

• Wafer & die handling

• Die attach

• Wire bonding

• Optical alignment

• Hermetic sealing

• Electrical and optical test

• Fast-Turn, Prototype & Volume manufacturing

Research activities

The group is active in research and development activities focused on real application, taking the benefit of new technologies and engineering approaches in order to develop or enhance products / applications. Examples are the development of power devices under SiC or GaN technologies, optical transceivers,…, etc. Solid collaboration are established with Universities, R&D Centres, companies to afford European initiatives like H2020, among others.