Alarm Reception Centres

Alarm reception centres (ARC)

ARCs (Alarm Receiving Centers) need to operate reliably and immediately, generating when they do not, a significant risk as well as financial losses.

The CENELEC, on behalf of the European Commission, has developed during the last years a new standard, EN 50518, to unify the criteria to build and to operate these important organizations. Several European countries are adopting such standard to assure the reliability and availability of their ARC and Spain will follow the trend to create competitive and secure installations. Besides that, it is under development and approval a new regulation regarding Private Security that will make its adoption compulsory for all the authorized  Alarm Receiving Centers.

Alter Technology offers services to help CRAs adapt to European regulations together with our partner TÜViT, both belonging to the TÜV NORD Group. This certification, Trusted Site Alarm Receiving Center, TSA, is based on a proprietary catalogue of requirements, available to all customers who request this type of service.

We support organizations at different stages in the implementation and adoption of EN 50518.Therefore, a customer may request from us:

  • Introductory workshops
  • Quick Gap Analysis
  • Design and Conformity Reviews
  • Accredited Evaluation and Certification of Alarm Receiving Centers according to EN 50518.

Evaluation & certification of alarm receiving centers according to EN 50518

With the certification based on the TÜViT criteria catalogue TSA.EN50518, you can objectively demonstrate that you are effectively implementing the technical, operational and organizational measurements for alarm receiving centers..

TÜViT can certify alarm receiving points in accordance with EN 50518 and also data centres in accordance with EN 50600. Both programmes use the established "Trusted Site" method, which has now matured into a valuable and unique certification procedure on the market for almost 20 years.


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