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A reliable partner in the conformity of security systems

Testing and certification of intrusion, security systems, alarms and access controls. Testing of fire detection equipment.

According to the European normative for product certification, national regulations for security (Spanish INT/314/2011, INT/316/2011, INT/317/2011 y INT/318/2011) and CPD directive for fire detection equipment.


Accredited laboratory and certification body for the following security products:

Intrusion and hold-up systems: Standards family EN 50131-x

  • System requirements, according to EN 50131-1. 
  • Intrusion detectors:
    - Passive infrared detectors, according to EN 50131-2-2.
    - Microwave detectors, according to EN 50131-2-3.
    - Combined passive infrared and microwave detectors, according to EN 50131-2-4.
  • Opening contacts (magnetic), according to EN 50131-2-6.
  • Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE) and Ancillary Control Equipment (ACE), according to EN 50131-3.
  • Warning devices (sirens), according to EN 50131-4.
  • Interconnections equipment using radio frequency techniques, according to EN 50131-5-3.
  • Power supplies, according to EN 50131-6.
  • Supervised Premises Transceiver (SPT), according to EN 50131-10.

Electronic access control systems:

  • According to the standards family EN 50133-x:
    - System requirements, according to EN 50133-1.

Requirements for components, according to EN 50133-2-1.


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