Pulse Check to launch on 30 October

With 26 questions included in the new Pulse Check, the Group aims to learn what the mood is like among its workforce. The Pulse Check will launch on 30 October. Provider Tivian will be inviting a representative, randomly selected group of employees to take part in the survey. Dr. Astrid Petersen, Chief Human Resources Officer, is calling on TÜV NORD Group staff to get involved. “I’d be delighted to see a lively exchange of views. Let us know what you think about the current challenges and issues facing the Group. With your suggestions and inspiration, we will always continue to develop.”


The randomly selected employees will receive an e-mail with the link to the questionnaire on Monday 30 October. Project manager Antonia Heise says: “If you happen to be invited to take part in the Pulse Check, please do take up the offer. This is important for us to get a sense of the views and opinions across the board.”

Don’t worry about phishing

The e-mail inviting you to take part in the survey will come from employee-survey@tivian.com. For reassurance, here’s a screenshot:


Any mail received from this sender that looks like this won’t be spam; you’ll be able to open the e-mail and follow the link with no risk.

About the Pulse Check

The Pulse Check is a small-scale employee survey designed to quickly and easily establish the levels of satisfaction in the workforce. The survey is small for two reasons: Firstly, because the catalogue of 26 questions is greatly reduced compared to the 2021 employee survey. And secondly, because only part of the workforce is being surveyed by random sampling. “What distinguishes the Pulse Check is that it can be carried out without consuming too many resources and is quick to complete,” says Antonia Heise with conviction.

Whatever it may be – your preferred political party, your opinion of the authorities, or your views of urban planning or climate change – you’ll be hard pushed to find a topic that hasn’t been the subject of a published survey. Figures that show how people are thinking are always interesting. And that not just for the general public.

And what about the levels of satisfaction of a corporate workforce? The TÜV NORD GROUP has once again charged Tivian with the task of finding out. This polling institute uses a method similar to that deployed in major opinion polls. The views and opinions of the randomly selected representative group of employees can be extrapolated to include the entire workforce.

Tivian takes data protection seriously

Independent opinion pollster Tivian specialises in corporate surveys. Tivian guarantees that all answers will be treated in absolute confidence. The institute has committed to adhering across the board to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in conjunction with Germany’s Data Protection Act, and is bound by its own rigorous specifications and standards, which are themselves based on German and international market and social research guidelines. Your answers will be treated in absolute confidence. It will not be possible to identify specific persons from their answers. Every questionnaire will be anonymised appropriately.

Responsibility for the collection, storage and evaluation of the data rests with Tivian [www.tivian.com/uk]. The employer will not have access to your individual statements at any time.

Tivian has previously supported the TÜV NORD GROUP with its most recent Pulse Checks and employee surveys.


On 30 October, the members of staff of the TÜV NORD GROUP randomly selected by Tivian in a process that will nevertheless be representative will receive an e-mail with a link to the survey. In Germany, roughly one in three employees will receive this e-mail. Employees of ALTER TECHNOLOGY, TÜV NORD China and TÜV India will also be surveyed. The list of invitees will be strictly anonymous.

The invitees will have until 17 November to submit their answers to the questions.

Shortly before Christmas 2023: Publication of the results on the intranet