TNG's Innovation Council

On September 19th and 20th, we had the privilege of hosting the TÜV NORD GROUP Innovation Council Meeting at our premises. This event brought together prominent representatives from all companies within our group, establishing itself as a key space for collaboration and the generation of innovative ideas.

We presented the following projects

  • Digitalisation Projects  (Jose Carlos Muñoz)
  • Digitalisation projects (Manuel Domingez)
  • Photonic Design Center by Una Marvet 
  •  Innovation activities at HTV by Thomas Kuhn 
  •  Drones Certification and future business by Alejandro Herrera 
  • Silicon Carbide platform design and Sensors development by Demetrio López on behalf of Juanjo Medina
  • Electronic Design related projects by Mario Rueda
  • Small Satellites certification and future business by Eladio Montoya