RADNEXT 2023 Workshop

 Characterization of EEE parts against cosmic rays induced effects: future trends and needs.
Marc Marin

November 8th and 9th

Space market evolution towards more flexible, agile and integrated systems, such as Smallsats or satellite constellations, is pushing the use of more complex EEE parts.

Newspace market particularly accelerated the introduction, in space units, of COTS devices, i.e. components not designed to endure space environment constraints, generating, in fact, a strong demand to evaluate parts behavior against radiation induced effects. Characterization of EEE parts against cosmic rays induced effects is indeed crucial for space systems.

The purpose of this talk is to give an overview of the future trends in EEE parts testing and related test methodology, highlighting the limitations we are facing with current facilities, and to identify some ways to meet these future needs.