OSAT by Frédéric Tilhac

I am writing to express how incredibly proud I am of all of you for your successful contribution to setting up the OSAT (Outsource Assembly and Test) activity. It's truly an outstanding achievement, considering the complex nature of the semiconductor industry and the challenges involved.

Establishing an OSAT activity requires meticulous planning, coordination, and expertise. From selecting the right partners and facilities to ensuring seamless integration with our internal processes, every step demanded careful attention to detail. Your collective efforts and dedication will make this venture a reality. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am by your commitment.

The semiconductor industry is known for its fast-paced environment and ever-evolving technologies. By embarking on this OSAT initiative, we have taken a bold step forward in streamlining our operations and enhancing our capabilities. This undertaking demonstrates our organization's adaptability and willingness to embrace new strategies to meet the demands of this dynamic industry.

Thank each of you for the contribution, expertise, and perseverance you've shown throughout this journey. Your unwavering dedication to sketching high-quality assembly and testing services is a testament to your professionalism and our values as an organization.

As we celebrate this milestone, let's also acknowledge the challenges we encountered in front of us. From managing complex supply chains and ensuring quality control to overcoming technological hurdles, every obstacle has shaped us into a stronger and more resilient team. These experiences will undoubtedly serve us well as we navigate future endeavours.

Once again, I want to commend you all for your exceptional work establishing our OSAT activity. Your contributions have positioned us for success and reaffirmed our commitment to providing top-notch services in the semiconductor industry.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication, and congratulations on this remarkable achievement!