Thermal-Vacuum Testing

 New Space Simulator Chamber


The environmental conditions in the space are extreme, the combination of low pressure and the extreme temperatures can cause the failure of a component. That is why we test the components in similar conditions.

Recently, we have completed the development of a New Space Simulator Chamber. The new facility can achieve a vacuum level 10 billion times lower than standard sea level atmospheric pressure (10-7mbar). The high capacity (70x70x70 cm) allows us to perform thermal cycles on all EEE components, as well as subsystem and sub-assembly units.

This new system is also able to operate between -190ºC and +250ºC in combination with high vacuum levels (10-6 y 10-7 mbar). As an additional feature, we can also perform a bake out test with a Residual Gas Analyzer to detect volatile molecules over 300 AMU.