New Drones Site

ATN has a strong commitment with the Drone Industry. A complete new section dedicated to the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) market is being implemented to provide more than just typical concepts or general information. Our principal aim is to keep the community informed with the latest updates inside the Drones market concerning the European regulatory framework and technological advances, including daily news, remarkable articles, highly interesting collaboration opportunities along different calls for proposals or tenders, and a broad section for relevant upcoming international events. Through this site will be also possible to contact with our RPAS Experts to get suitable guidelines in the evaluation process for a drone operation in order to guarantee the operational and functional safety. Likewise, considering the direction the European Regulation is taking, ATN will provide support in the path to achieve a Declaration of Conformity and CE Marking, developing Test Plans to be performed by our qualified laboratory personnel. This Drone Site also pretends to bring the different stakeholders involved in this sector together under a common vision of the market, offering them a bridge between their early or innovative technological idea and the recognition of different requirements to cover functional, operational, and product aspects to achieve one final purpose: a safe flight.