GATEWAY team (image: MJ Ropero)


ALTER TECHNOLOGY is recognized for its leading expertise in EEE Parts procurement and test services with more than 30 years success in the supply of all EEE component types and families.

We have been working on a GATEWAY project with the aim of helping to reinforce this vision within the sector thanks to the application of the Big Data technology resulting in a digital transformation of our business model.

While the space sector can be considered somehow reluctant to changes (don’t change what is currently working) it is also true that the entrance of new actors such as google, facebook, space X, Virgin, with new and different technical approaches (mini and pico-satellites, constellations, low cost launches, state of the art technology, etc), will sooner or later modify the landscape as we currently know it.

Currently, this change in the market is already ‘touchable’ and we can feel it in a major demand of technical support from electronic equipment manufacturers: they are not as experienced as they used to be, and also microelectronic parts manufacturers demanding constantly market information, they need to be ready to adapt their technologies to the new needs. The main goal of GATEWAY is to be closer to those stake holders by providing the added value they need in the current scenario. Big Data technologies will allow ATN to put on the web all the knowledge acquired during 30 years and will help us to process and to manage the collected information in a way to get market intelligence with the aim of being the clear reference in this market. We will approach the Electronic equipment manufacturers through a web based tool.

This is possible thanks to “big data” technology that compiles large volumes of data and to show it in a comprehensive way. In addition further features are used such as a search tools that present results based on a catalogue of components with more than 10 million actual data references. The results take into account not only our databases but also all the information on the web. This way the big data engine will be able to adapt results and link information that was not previously connected.

The users will be able to make comparison between components and the system will guide them towards the most suitable solution for the pre-defined application. The tool will treat all the above information, to ‘think’ like an engineer does . Thanks to the technology used we will be able to learn from the requests and detect the level of interest of the user. All the navigation information of all the sessions is stored in database for treatment to help improve the system. We will know the penetration level of the products worldwide and the new trends compared to the manufacturers product portfolio. This should allow manufacturer to have a better insight into the market and which products are needed most, and to direct their development roadmap to the needs identified by the customers. It will give also the possibility to compare different products from other manufacturer and the level of interest of the community against their own products.

This service is offered by ATN as a partnership agreement (technological and commercial) in which the parties (manufacturers and customers alike) should consider ATN as a fundamental partner for achieving their goals from both sides. Having the information of what technologies are of interest in the Space community, will allow us to provide special, specific and specialized attention to each party. GATEWAY will be used as an internal tool. It will help to reduce dramatically the efforts expended in widespread and time-consuming daily tasks that will now be much more focused and accessible in the ATN web-Based tool.

Commercial management will be also be positively improved by the tool: more clients, segmented and with information about what are they doing and what their needs are. The pattern analyser will store in the format of opportunities all the users navigation that suggest a high level interest and present these opportunities to the commercial team.

Summarizing, thanks to GATEWAY, and to Big Data technology, ATN will be able to stay closer to stakeholders in the space community. The business model is adapted thanks to the digital transformation and we will be well prepared for the next evolution of the space market and being pioneer in providing services in a collaborative way in the space industrial sector.