Commercial Activity Coordination Working Group



Although we have shared goals, it is important that we fully align our strategies and market approach to take advantage of Alter’s strengths as a whole. A team has been established to promote cross-selling across the Alter Technology Group – the CACWG.

The main objectives of the CACWG team are to:

• Maximise our existing commercial opportunities by leveraging Alter’s strengths as a whole

• Use the full breadth of Alter’s capabilities to win new opportunities

• Avoid duplication of efforts

• Promote a single brand in the market

• Explore new business opportunities in alternative markets

To achieve these goals the team members are working closely together to promote Alter Technology’s full range of capabilities and expertise as an end-to-end solutions supplier.

This does not mean a common sales team representing all of the Alter businesses. It is about each commercial team gaining a better understanding of the wider capabilities and adopting a shared strategy to maximise our potential.

What can you do to help?

Please give your full support to the team and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities that could either lead to work for other business units or that could be better addressed with a joined-up approach in applying the full breadth of ATG’s expertise.

The team members are Juan Barbero (Optoelectronics), Germán Cuello (Commercial), David Nuñez (EEE Parts), Julian Gallego (Certification), Xavier Wiedemann (Hirex) & David King (Optocap) and we’d love to hear your ideas!