Interview with Luis Gómez on equality in the company


What are the most important changes you have seen in your work experience regarding equal opportunities?

Fortunately, the world we live in today doesn´t look like the world I found myself in when I started my professional career. This doesn't mean that we have reached the level of equality that would be desirable in all areas. In any case, and taking the example of professional women, I believe that progress is being made, but more slowly than would be desirable, on the road to equal opportunities. Now, compared to the situation I experienced almost 40 years ago in the aerospace sector, women are as fundamental as men. I emphasize that we can`t think that this was the only goal we would like to achieve, there are still many inequalities that need to be corrected. In any case, the differences since I started in 1984 are many and positive.

Do you think that Alter is different from other companies in the sector in terms of equality?

I believe that the space sector, and the technology sector in general, are areas where the search for equality has been a strategic objective for some years now. The need for a highly qualified workforce has led these sectors to invest much more and earlier in diversity, with the aim of being able to access people with the best possible qualifications. Therefore, I don`t believe that ALTER is particularly ahead of other companies in the sector on this issue, but it´s true that in our company we have always treated equal opportunities as a fundamental element. ALTER has always wanted to be a socially responsible company and both diversity and equal opportunities fall within the framework of our company's social responsibility. We will certainly have made mistakes on some occasions, and on others, we may not have moved as fast as we would have liked, but we are determined to keep moving forward and improving.

What aspects do you think the Equality Committee should focus on?

There are so many aspects that need to be worked on, that seems to be very difficult to make a recommendation to the Committee. But for sure, and as a short-term goal, we must continue with the full integration of women by ensuring equal rights in all areas. This should not detract from efforts to improve aspects such as diversity in all its facets.

What do you think are the next steps that Alter should take in this regard?

We must continue to work as we have done to date to ensure that there is no diversity-related pay gap at ALTER. Same responsibility, same pay - this must be our mantra. But this is not enough if we don´t ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities for career advancement and that these aren´t limited by gender, religion, nationality, or any other. The world and society are fortunately diverse, and it´s on this diversity that development and improvements, both social and technological, have been based. ALTER won´t remain oblivious to the society surrounding it as it`s part of it.