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Why are semiconductors essential for today's technology?

In this interview, conducted for the navigation podcast on digital trends and innovations, Julia and Stefan discuss the importance of semiconductors in our daily lives and the challenges faced by the semiconductor industry. They are joined by Holger Krumme, the managing director of HTV and HTV Conservation, two companies specializing in semiconductors.

They start by explaining that semiconductors are microchips found in various devices, such as smartphones, computers, and kitchen appliances, and highlight their role in automating processes and performing fast computations.

The interview addresses the sensitivity of semiconductors and the reasons behind their just-in-time production. Holger Krumme explains that once produced, semiconductors have a limited shelf life before they can be processed into electronic devices. Due to the long delivery times for semiconductors, they are usually not kept in stock but produced as needed.

Holger Krumme introduces HTV Conservation, an innovation that allows semiconductors to be stored for up to 50 years without significant aging. This is achieved through low temperatures, controlled atmospheres, and special materials that prevent corrosion and other harmful influences.

The conversation also touches upon the testing and programming of semiconductors. Holger Krumme describes the functional testing of chips in large quantities to ensure their proper functioning and adherence to specified limits. They also test semiconductors for performance in extreme temperature conditions, such as high heat or freezing cold.

The interview concludes with a discussion on the semiconductor crisis and the risk of counterfeit components. Holger Krumme explains that due to the shortage of semiconductors, there is an increased risk of counterfeit products entering the market. HTV carefully examines components to identify counterfeits, using their expertise to differentiate between genuine and fake products.

Overall, the interview provides a general understanding of semiconductors, their significance in various industries, and the innovative solutions offered by HTV and HTV Conservation to address the challenges faced by the semiconductor industry.


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