New activity with ESA and Airbus Toulouse to perform Product Assurance (PA) tasks in three disciplines: Components (EEE), QA, and Materials & Processes (M&P).

Although it is not the first time that we will be PA for many customers/projects, it is the first time that we will be PA in the areas of M&P and QA (complete).

The official kick-off will be in mid-May 2023, and the duration of the activities will be nominally until August 2026 with the option to extend for a few more months.

The management of the activity will be carried out by Olga Ramos (PM&QA) and José Largaespada (EEE) as nominal points of contact in those areas, and for M&P, we will have an external expert in the first phases. Of course, more people from our organization will also participate!

We will be responsible for at least 12 teams of the platform, which will give us options to opt for services that we see may be required! We will also closely monitor the subcontractors of the platform.