Development and Innovation in Photonics Chair


ALTER TECHNOLOGY and the UPM Higher Technical School of Telecommunication Engineers  have signed a collaboration agreement to create the "Alter Technology Development and Innovation in Photonics" Chair.

The aim of this agreement is to bring collaboration to the educational, scientific and technical fields where they have a shared interest, including participation in joint R&D projects. The aim of the Chair will be to carry out collaborative activities in the fields of training, research and internships in the area of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), for the high-reliability applications sector. Ramón Martínez, the School's acting director, and Luis Gómez and Demetrio López, were responsible for ratifying the collaboration agreement at the ceremony held on 21 May at the Higher Technical School of Telecommunication Engineers (ETSIT) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).

To fulfil the above objectives, both parties have agreed to carry out several activities, including the following:

- To establish joint R&D+i programmes.

- To collaborate together in the ETSIT-UPM's training programmes, whether in the form of specific courses and seminars, or in training programmes with broader objectives.

- To establish an Educational Collaboration Agreement that enables students from the ETSIT-UPM to take part in internships in the field of PHOTONICS, to gain credits for internships in companies.