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To demonstrate that the product meets the requirements


Conformity assessment to demonstrate that a product or a service meets the requirements of the applicable regulations or standards is a key issue in the process of placing it on the market.


  • Provides consumers with a basis for selecting products and confidence in their features. 
  • Provides regulators with means to enforce national legislation and to achieve public goals like security. 
  • Assures manufacturers that their products meet regulations and the market access. Certification is the method to demonstrate the conformity of a product according to the requirements of the regulators or the market.

The most important elements in a product certification are: 


  • Testing to determine the relevant product characteristics. 
  • Auditing of the production process and/or quality system. 
  • Review of the test and auditing reports. 
  • Issue of the certificate. 
  • Surveillance by testing or inspectioon of product samples and the surveillance of the production process.

It is of paramount importance that these activities are carried out by a body that is competent, impartial, independent, responsible and reliable like the certification unit of ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD.

Our product certification procedure and certification application forms are available on request from stakeholders.


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