RuggEd Mirco-ECDL technology for cOld aTom applications in space

      Optocap Ltd, Strathclyde University, RAL Space, Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd.

      The increased sensitivity and accuracy offered by quantum technologies compared to alternative technologies makes them ideally placed to bring a step-change improvement to a range of applications including financial transaction timestamping, satellite-free navigation, oil & gas prospecting, land surveying, secure communications and scientific research.

      The fundamental science behind quantum technology applications is mostly developed, however the systems and subsystems are large, complex, expensive and confined to the laboratory environment. Orders of magnitude reduction in size, cost and power consumption of critical subsystems is required if quantum technologies is ever to fulfill its potential.

      In this project we will develop single-frequency lasers, which are critical key components in all quantum technology applications, based on micro-extended cavity diode laser technology. The REMOTE project will focus on the wavelength required for a rubidium interferometer, which holds great promise for gravity and rotation sensing. However, the platform technology developed within this project will be readily transferable to other wavelengths of interest. The lasers developed in the REMOTE project will offer an unprecedented combination of power, linewidth and footprint compared to current commercial systems and will be well-suited to field, low-Earth orbit and space applications.