ATG Newsletter September 2018
Luis Gómez, CEO

"Our group, ALTER TECHNOLOGY, has recognised the challenges and opportunities that exist in this new technological and industrial era, and that is why we are participating in many projects that have a direct relationship with this evolution and revolution in the industry"

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News from our divisions
Bertrand Forgerit
New equipment

New equipment in the Technology Analysis Laboratory

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David King
Commercial Activity Coordination Working Group

Although we have shared goals, it is important that we fully align our strategies and market approach to take advantage of Alter’s strengths as a whole. A team has been established to promote cross-selling across the Alter Technology Group – the CACWG.

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EEE Parts
Olga Ramos
PA Support

ATN engineering services help the customers to bring qualified manpower and engineering resources for space projects, especially in those units and projects in which a complex structure or functions are aimed.

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Equipment and Certification
Emilia Santiago
The Protection of the Radio Spectrum in Europe

Radio or wireless technology is key to many areas of technology such as satellite navigation systems (GNSS), Intelligent Transport, Internet of Things (IoT), drones (RPAS), etc.

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Julián Gallego
Alter Technology on the Drones’ Side

As a consequence of the recent growth of the RPAS sector, regulatory entities and organisations have noticed the need to create a new normative framework due to the potential of this market and the need to reach appropriate levels of safety.

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Demetrio López
University Chair
catedra upm-alter

ALTER TECHNOLOGY and the UPM Higher Technical School of Telecommunication Engineers have signed a collaboration agreement to create the "Alter Technology Development and Innovation in Photonics" Chair.

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José Carlos Muñoz

doeeet is already on-line and we continue improving all the algorithms. We keep working to make it more and more accurate.

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