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ATG Communications

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F.X. Guerre
EXAGAN Hirex partnership

Since last year Joint Development Program signature a long way has been done with our partner EXAGAN.

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Stephen Duffy
Integrated Distributed Feedback Lasers for Cold Atom Technologies

The technology being developed can also be used for chip scale cold atom systems that ultimately could be in every mobile phone.

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Stephen Duffy
Rugged Micro-ECDL technology for cold atom applications in space

The lasers developed will offer an unprecedented combination of power, linewidth and footprint compared to current commercial systems.

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Garrie Vickers

Utilizing the Unicorn-1 Platform for in-orbit demonstration and space heritage

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EEE Parts Division
Manuel Domínguez
Cassini-Huygens mission - Grand Finale

Few people in the world will get the chance to touch objects that will travel to other planets in our solar system, and it should be a source of pride to all of us that we have been able to make this achievement possible.

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Equipment and Systems Division
Emilia Santiago
What is functional safety?

Simple examples that we see every day include garage doors that stop lowering or lifts that refuse to work, this is called a safety feature implemented in the command or control system.

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Emilia Santiago
The new vibration laboratory performs its first tests

Following the audit by the Spanish National Accreditation Body the new vibration system is now fully operational.

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Optoelectronics Division
Pawel Adamiec
JUICE Monitoring Camera

The main challenge is the complexity of the image sensor packaging as well as the evaluation for space application within the time constraints of the JUICE mission.

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Javier Rodríguez
Thermal-Vacuum Testing

Space Simulator Chamber for vacuum testing to electronic components, subsystems and units.

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David Poudereux
Testing optical switches

In the context of photonic technologies, especially optical communications, networks and systems, there is a strong interest in the development of new optical switching technologies.

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Commercial Department
José Angel Riego

New contract with INPE for the procurement of the Brasilean Amazônia satellite

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Juan Carlos Hernández
Korean Lunar Exploration Program

The Korean lunar exploration program (KLEP) is to develop the first lunar probe in Korea and secure the necessary base technology for lunar exploration, such as orbit, lander, science payload, and deep space telecommunication.

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José Carlos Muñoz

Thanks to GATEWAY and to Big Data technology, ATN will be able to be closer to stakeholders in the space community.

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