ATG Newsletter December 2017


Dear Team,

As the year comes to a close, I would like to take a moment with you to reflect on what we have achieved over the past year.

Our group, TÜV NORD, has seen growth for the fourth consecutive year, both in revenues and profit. Moreover, the international share of these figures is becoming increasingly important. Cooperation among different business units has substantially increased, which has proven successful in stimulating a faster and deeper growth in some markets and customers. Several innovation projects have been initiated and will generate revenues in the coming months as well as new opportunities for all of us.

Within the international field, the aerospace business unit, is a key player. ATG, constitutes 4% of overall TNG revenue and 5% of the group profit. It is furthermore notable that ATG profitability reaches 6.5%, a figure higher than the average across the TÜV NORD group. It is also particularly remarkable that 2017 has been an excellent year in terms of Order Intake, substantially exceeding the figures achieved in 2016.

While it is useful and important to talk about figures, reflecting about the keys to our success is no less so. Historically, I think it has been part of our DNA to tackle changes naturally. Until now we have successfully managed the changes required to make our customers’ lives easier, to keep our technology at state of the art levels, to improve internal efficiency, and in general to ensure that the way we work with all our stakeholders provides value for them.

In the year 2017 we achieved several key milestones. In collaboration with technology centres and the industry, we have developed new high reliability devices (SiC Diodes), working with different new technologies (Power GaN Devices). We have been awarded contracts for the next Mars missions, contracts related to future communication technologies (quantum communications), contracts in the energy field with CERN and ITER, and we are working with some of the main aerospace industries worldwide. We have been selected as business partners by prestigious companies such as Boeing or Telefonica, acting in technology fields as different as aerospace and communications. Besides these business successes, we have continued working to improve our laboratories, our working systems, ERP, etc.

However, both society and the market are rapidly changing and becoming more global, digital, connected and agile. These changes have come to stay, and many others will follow, arriving with increasing speed. These changes represent a great opportunity for a company like ours. Together we have shown our stakeholders that innovation at ATG goes beyond the services we offer today, since our work is continuously facing the future and new technologies. And from now on we have to move forward much faster, because our customers will also be undergoing change and moving very fast along with technology.

We have accomplished a lot this year, but we still have a lot to look forward to in 2018, including new systems based on Big Data technologies, new investments in technology and other improvements that we think customers will very much appreciate.

I shall conclude by saying that I am extremely proud to stand alongside you, in our common project to develop and grow this great company.




Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year,


Luis Gómez

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